BaCC (Building Active Connected Communities) — an initiative of Bendigo Bank

Formerly known as Cairns Community Enterprise, BaCC (Building Active Connected Communities) was established in May 2009 in partnership with Bendigo Bank.

The BaCC board is made up of independent professionals from a broad cross section of industries and disciplines in Far North Queensland to assist BaCC in making the best decisions for the local community, and setting its strategic direction for the future.

BaCC provides not-for-profit groups in the Cairns, Kuranda, Mossman and Douglas regions the ability to generate ongoing income streams without having to ask for donations or through time-consuming fundraising activities.

Not-for-profit organisations, their members and supporters generate an ongoing income stream by meeting their banking needs through Bendigo Bank.

The more business they do with Bendigo Bank, the more money BaCC receives through commission paid to BaCC on nominated accounts. The commission is paid on loans, deposits and insurance.

BaCC then passes this income onto not-for-profit organisations based on the value of funds attached to the organisation.

BaCC also offers grants up to $2,500 to not-for-profit organisations for projects that will have “overall benefit for the community.”

To date, more than $800,000 has been generated through BaCC for the benefit of more than 200 not-for-profit health, education, sporting and community organisations in the Cairns, Kuranda, Mossman and Port Douglas regions.

Our Mission

BaCC aims to support, fund and strengthen not-for-profit organisations in our community. 

Our Values

BaCC is guided by values we have and aspire to develop:

  • Empowerment: Enable people to take action and achieve results/success
  • Passion: Enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to advocate for BaCC and our community
  • Integrity: We apply high ethical standards
  • Growth:  Building better future through community partnerships
  • Innovative: Constant and never ending improvement.

Supported By

Bendigo Bank