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How We Help You Make Money

BaCC (Building Active Connected Communities) helps you – our regional not-for-profit organisations – get things done.

The model is very simple! Not-for-profit organisations, their members and supporters generate an ongoing income stream by meeting their banking needs through Bendigo Bank.

The more business they do with Bendigo Bank, the more money BaCC receives through commission paid to BaCC on nominated accounts. The commission covers a multitude of both personal and business products. We then pass on this money to the chosen club or group.

We help not-for-profit organisations generate ongoing income with no effort on your part.

This means organisations like yours need to spend less time on fundraising, freeing you to focus more of your valuable time on running your organisation:

  • Ongoing revenue streams and small grants mean not-for-profit organisations can achieve their goals faster
  • We make marquees available for events, on request
  • We make mobile GoPOS available for organisations’ use, on request
  • We aim to help promote the clubs and their events.

There is no cost to the organisations or their supporters to be part of BaCC.

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